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Daily Specials

We post daily specials to our Facebook page, which can also be viewed below:

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Saturday Specials *****

Banana nut cream cheese

Thick cut herb bacon, cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, warm croissant

Turkey, spinach, swiss, scrambled eggs

Bacon, egg, banana nut cream cheese, peanut butter

Breakfast Nachos ( pictured)
Homemade tortilla chips, bacon, eggs, jalapeños, melted cheese, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, scallions

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Friday Specials ****

Rich Girl. ( pictured)
Shrimp or Oyster or Chicken. Cole Slaw. Tomato. Pickle. Russian. Sub

Oyster Club
Crispy Oyster BLT. Pepperjack. Avocado. Spicy Mayo

Tuna. Avocado. Cheddar. Spinach. Tomato. Italian

My Fry
Fries topped w Bacon. Avocado. Jalapeño. Melted Cheese. BBQ. Ranch. Scallions

*Short Rib & Dumpling
*Creamy Seafood Chowder
*Chili Con Carne w Beans & Corn

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Pork Thursday Specials ***
Noodle Bowls Today****

Pork Noodle Bowl* 🍲
Roasted pork shoulder, Slow braised pork belly, Spicy pork dumpling, Broth, Udon Noodles, House Kimchi, veggies, herbs, chilies, Slow poached local egg

The Philly
Roast Pork. Broccoli Rabe. Melted Provolone. Pepperocini Peppers. Au Jus Dip. Sub Roll

The Cubano
Roast Pork. Ham. Swiss. Pickle. Garlic Mayo. Pressed Sub

*Tomato Tortillini
*Creamy Mushroom & Short Rib
*Chili Verde w Pork & Hominy

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Wednesday Specials ****

Angus Burger. Blue Cheese. Avocado. Onion. BBQ Sauce

RBeef on Weck
Rare Roast Beef. Grilled Onion & Mushroom. Swiss. Weck Roll. Side Au Jus Dip

Rare Roast Beef. Lettuce. Tomato. Pickle. Tartar. Grilled Brioche. Side Au Jus Dip

*Thai Chicken Noodle
*Mushroom Short Rib
*Turkey Chili w Black Beans & Corn

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Tuesday Specials ****

Angus Burger. Bacon. Blue Cheese. Fried Onion. Steak Sauce

Egg Salad. Avocado. Bacon. Spinach. Tomato

Hot Ham. Provolone. Lettuce. Tomato. Onion. Pepperocini. Garlic Mayo

*Thai Chicken Noodle
*Short Rib Dumpling
*Chipotle Beef Chili

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